Celebrate National Sunscreen Day with Aloette & Correction Code!

Correction Code on fabric tan 1080x1080 2
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National Sunscreen Day is May 27th, but here at Aloette we can’t wait to celebrate the skin-protecting power of SPF! Skin care experts and dermatologists are on the same page about SPF, and their standard advice is to never leave home without helping protect your skin from UV rays. Sunscreen lets us enjoy the sun while helping protect our skin, so Aloette is saluting sunscreen by highlighting our Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25!

What is Correction Code?

Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 is Aloette’s favorite lightweight hydrator to help you incorporate skin protecting SPF into your daily routine! Correction Code is formulated with SPF 25, and can be applied under or over makeup throughout the day to help your sun defense go the distance in the summer heat.

Correction Code isn’t just an SPF, though. This multitasker, formulated with the peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6, also has age-defying and skin-hydrating benefits. Peptides are short chains of amino acids that are basically, little age-defying heroes! Matrixyl Synthe’6 in Correction Code helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while firming the skin’s appearance for visible results.

What else do we love about our SPF- and peptide-infused Daily Moisturizer? Like your go-to summer sandals, Correction Code goes well with just about everything. Correction Code is a blend-able product that can be mixed in with a whole bunch of your skin care and beauty routine staples. Check out these essentials that just love to pal around with Correction Code!

Luminous Tint Prep and Primer Oil

Mix a few drops of Luminous Tint with your daily dollop of Correction Code to help prep your skin for the day ahead! This hydrating, oil-based primer is infused with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help soothe skin and encourage a more dewy complexion. Prepping your skin for makeup is all about getting your skin to “glow” from beneath your foundation, and a combination of Luminous Tint and Correction Code can help your skin get that healthy-looking vibe!

C the Light Vitamin C Serum

Remember the Matrixyl Synthe’6 peptide in Correction Code? Some dermatologists say that peptides can pack even more of a punch when combined with other active ingredients like Vitamin C! C the Light is infused with botanical ingredients like Orange Peel and Lemon Peel to deliver a dose of Vitamin C that amplifies the performance of everyday skin care like Correction Code. C the Light can help skin appear brighter and more even-toned in as little as four weeks!

Be Picture Perfect Foundation

This long-wear foundation has a natural-looking demi-matte finish—mix Correction Code in if you want more of that dewy glow from beneath! Be Picture Perfect foundation is infused with good-for-your skin ingredients to help improve the appearance of skin with each use as it helps to cover imperfections and conceal uneven texture. Reviewers love the natural coverage Be Picture Perfect gives them, even in hot summer weather! Elisa U. says “When I use this it looks so natural and not caked. Even when it’s hot and humid it still looks good, doesn’t cause breakouts and feels very light.”

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Get Your Skin into Glow Mode this Summer with Aloette!

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Sure, it’s technically still spring, but glow-y, hydrated-looking summer skin is in full swing here at Aloette! Whether you want to accessorize your music festival ensemble with dewy, luminous-looking skin or protect your skin from the sun while you relax on the beach, summer calls for a skincare routine upgrade. Aloette is here to help you beat the heat and keep your skin looking radiant with these summer skin care tips, plus a few of our most hydrating moisturizers, mists, & SPF’s to revamp your skincare routine. Put your shades on: glowing skin is ahead!

Correction Code on fabric tan 1080x1080 1

The Tip: First things first: summer is not the time to forget that SPF! Staying in the shade, reapplying every couple of hours, and applying the right amount of sunscreen are all important SPF steps to help keep your skin healthy-looking and hydrated. To make sure there’s one less task between you and your beach chair, try adding daily moisturizer with a built-in SPF to your routine.

We Recommend: Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 locks in hydration and enhances the skin’s natural moisture for a softer, smoother-looking complexion as it helps protect skin from UV rays. Part of Aloette’s Platinum Skin Care Collection, Correction Code is also formulated with the peptide Matrixyl Synthe’6 to help reduce the appearance of lines while visibly firming your skin’s appearance.

Nutri Hydrating Mist in hand with product in bg 1080x1080 1

The Tip: Just like your summer hair or summer chore schedule, summer skin care is a little lighter! The heavy creams and moisturizers we use in the winter don’t always hold up in June, July, and August when the heat (and the sweat!) are likely more intense. It can help to incorporate a lighter moisturizer to help reduce oiliness, but not to stop moisturizing completely.

We Recommend: Help your skin look radiant with light, refreshing Nutri-Hydrating Mist Daily Replenishing Face and Body Spray! This intensely hydrating spray delivers Aloeganic aloe vera, silk animo acids, and Vitamins A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B5 in a light, travel-friendly spritz. Nutri-Hydrating Mist quenches your skin without feeling too heavy.

Be Picture Perfect Luminous caps off swatch on slate 3000@300dpi

The Tip: If you’re heading out for a day in the sun, an oil-based makeup primer can help your makeup stay in place and looking fresh a little longer. Prepping your skin for makeup with a moisturizer and a primer that aren’t too heavy is key for summery-looking skin that’s glowy looking without too much shine.

We Recommend: Luminous Tint Prep & Primer Oil is infused with prismatic blurring micro-pearls that help skin look more even. Mixing a few drops of this formula into your foundation will help boost radiance and give you more of a photo-ready finish for those summer selfies! Formulated with a skin-loving cocktail of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Luminous Tint Prep & Primer Oil soothes and preps your skin to help keep your complexion moisturized and glow-y.

Radiant Glam Hand Holding on tan 3000@300dpi

The Tip: Keeping sensitive skin pampered and healthy-looking can be a little tougher in the summer months: favorite summer spots like the beach, the pool, and the mountains also leave skin dehydrated. A soothing hydrating body oil can help you enjoy the season, plus hydrated arms and legs can add some extra shimmer to your summertime look!

We Recommend: Reach for Aloette’s luxe Radiant Glam Dry Shimmering Body Oil! This satiny body oil uses Vitamin E and Olive Fruit Oil to soothe and condition the skin for a healthy-looking, summery glow. We love the ultra-light feel of this shimmering oil as much as we love the mood-lifting scent of ginger and coconut. She’s giving tropical glamor and we love to see it!

Coconut and Tumeric Collection in bag with leaf linen 3000@300dpi

Speaking of tropical, Aloette’s entire Tropical Gardens Body Collection has that dreamy coconut, ginger, and orange smell! Take a vacation to your shower and indulge your skin with this conditioning coconut and turmeric body wash, body mist, and body lotion. The rich, skin-softening ingredients gently cleanse and hydrate to help your skin get that moisturized, glowing look!

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Get Ready for Aloette’s LASH BASH!

Topshelf x 2 on pink shadows 3000@300dpi
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Whether you’re putting together a full-on glam look or a five-minute minimalist one to go run errands, mascara will always make your list of makeup essentials. This month, Aloette is celebrating dramatic, mile-high lashes with our Lash Bash Bonus Bundles! If you’re an Aloette consultant, here’s another reason to celebrate Lash Bash: consultants who sell at least five bundles are entered into a drawing for a $100 Aloette gift card! Read on to learn more about the savings you can get for a limited time on our fabulous, featured lash-enhancing products.

Lash Bash Bonus Bundles

For Lash Bash, we’ve curated three luxe lash care bundles at 25% off:

  • (2) Top Shelf Mascaras $37.50 US | $42 CDN

Save on two of our Top Shelf Volume + Curl Mascaras! If you’re an Aloette consultant, you know that Top Shelf helps create maximum volume and long lash wear and curl in a single stroke. Customers can always use a new tube of this staple to create bold, defined eye makeup looks for every occasion—don’t miss your chance to grab these fan-favorite mascara products with both hands!

  • (2) Luscious + Luxe $112.50 US & CAN

From Aloette’s Platinum skin care line, Luscious + Luxe Lash Enhancing Serum is clinically proven to help make lashes appear thicker, longer and fuller! This oil-free lash serum is infused with an innovative peptide complex, hydrolized rice protein and almond extract to help condition and strengthen lashes for a longer, fuller look! With our Lash Bash bundle, you can save on two nutrient-rich Luscious + Luxe Serums—usually a $150 value!

  • (1) Top Shelf & (1) Luscious + Luxe $75 US | $77.25 CAN

Top Shelf and Luscious + Luxe are a match made in lash heaven! Save on one of each with this limited time Lash Bash bundle.

Want even more lash-loving products this May? Check out these Aloette mascara products that will help make your eye makeup looks pop!

Winkable Lift and Lengthen Vegan Mascara

For an eyelash look that’s jet black and free of animal products, try Winkable Lift and Lengthen Vegan Mascara! With a lightweight mascara formula that helps prevent flaking and smudging, Winkable coats lashes from root to tip for a noticeable look of added eyelash length and lift. Whether you’re going for a dramatic eye or a more natural look, our easy-to-use mascara wand helps cover each individual lash for a longer look and added curl.

A-List Lash Curling Mascara with Argan Oil

This A-List mascara is ready to rock the Lash Bash red carpet! Formulated with Argan Oil to condition lashes for a healthy-looking sheen, A List Lash Curling Mascara uses a clump-proof wand to evenly coat and curl each lash for fast, flawless-looking application every time. Our Aloette reviewers love how soft A-List makes lashes. Nellie K. says,

“I LOVE LOVE this mascara!! They are so nice and soft, does not clump or flake and at bedtime as I’m doing my skin care they are still nice and soft.”

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Soothe Your Skin this Summer with Aloette!

Correction Code Leaf Relief Visible Aid CoconutTurm Lotion Swatched on pink 3000@300dpi
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At Aloette, summer is skin-soothing season! We know you’re beyond ready to hit the beach, the pool, and all points in between, but is your skin ready to face the sun, sand, and surf? Getting out in the elements is part of healthy summer fun, but insects, chlorine, and sun exposure can cause redness and leave your skin drier and itchier. That’s why we’re rounding up some common causes of skin concerns and a few Aloette products to get you back to silky, hydrated-looking skin bliss this summer!

  1. Make SPF Your BFF

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that sunscreen isn’t just for hikes and lake days–wearing an SPF year-round is probably one of the most important skin care products for overall skin health. But even the best of us lose track of the time and forget to reapply when we’re having fun in the sun! Luckily, Aloette has just the thing to help ease the ouch of that sunburn. From our new Farm-to-Jar Collection, Leaf Relief CBD Infused Aloe Gel is formulated with organic Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate as well as premium CBD extracted from American-grown hemp to help improve skin comfort. Verified Reviewer Michelle F. says “I have tried multiple products, to reduce the pain in my hands and feet, on a daily basis. I have FINALLY found one and am very thankful. My daughter also uses Leaf Relief for hands and arm pain…”

  1. Treat Those Bug Bites Right

A late night around a campfire or counting stars on the beach may be well-worth a few insect bites. Make sure to apply an EPA-registered insect repellant with DEET or oil of lemon eucalyptus AFTER you apply your sunscreen. If the pests got to you before this article did, don’t sweat it! Aloette’s Visible Aid Moisture Restoring Cream is a soothing, restoring cream that provides targeted relief from sunburns, insect bites, blemishes and other skin concerns using a powerful combination of Aloeganic aloe vera and Vitamin E. Just apply it to the affected areas and massage it into your skin until it blends in—more soothed skin is on the way!

  1. Hydration, But Make it Botanical

Summer can be a rough time for sensitive skin. If you see redness and raw, dry patches on the regular, make sure you’re moisturizing daily with a treatment that’s heavy on antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. To quench dry, sensitive skin on the go, grab Nutri-Hydrating Mist Daily Replenishing Face and Body Spray! This intensely hydrating spray is formulated with Aloette’s signature Aloeganic aloe vera, silk amino acids, and Vitamins A, C, E, and B5 to help replenish moisture and leave your skin with a healthy-looking, more radiant glow.

Before you go to bed on those hot summer nights, soothe your skin with some extra moisture from our Farm-to-Jar Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment, formulated with natural botanical ingredients like papaya extract. Beauty Parfait is gentle enough for all skin types.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Lips!

While our lips might be the last thing we think about when we’re slathering on sunscreen, that delicate skin is often the first to burn in the sun. Ouch! Make sure to invest in an SPF for your lips, then soothe and hydrate with Complete Contour Hydrating Lip Volumizer. Formulated with Aloeganic aloe vera to soothe the lips and help decrease the appearance of dryness, this hydrating lip volumizer also helps lips look plumper and softer.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Aloe Vera at Aloette!

RestorativeEnzymePeel with Aloe
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Earth Day is here, and at Aloette, that means we’re celebrating an Earth-based ingredient that defines our Farm-to-Jar beauty and skin care products! One of our favorite ingredients for helping to soothe skin and decrease the appearance of redness is our brand namesake, Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is naturally fabulous at helping to soothe and hydrate the skin, but Aloette’s exclusive Aloeganic aloe vera delivery system is even more effective that the conventional version. This week, we’re spotlighting Aloe and Aloeganic and giving you a rundown of our favorite Aloe-infused products, including our bestselling Restorative Enzyme Peel!

Why We Love Aloe

Our Farm-to-Jar philosophy means that Aloette takes premium quality ingredients straight from the farms that grow them so that you can indulge in a clean beauty experience with our good-for-your-skin products. That’s where Aloe comes in.

Aloe Vera is world-renowned for its skin-soothing properties due to it being a desert plant that stores tons of water in its mature leaves. If you’ve been wanting to start a succulent garden, Aloe Vera is a super low-maintenance starter plant! It’s also a sustainable choice for farmers looking to grow a crop that doesn’t use as much space and water resources.

Aloe gel has been used by people all over the world for centuries, and Aloette has taken Aloe’s natural soothing power one step further with Aloeganic. Exclusive Aloeganic is a super high-grade encapsulated Aloe Vera that is 3 to 10 times more effective than conventional Aloe Vera. Encapsulated Acemannan, aloe’s beneficial compound helps deliver the skin-loving results to your skin.

Where to Find Aloeganic

If you want to add some Aloeganic to your skincare routine this Earth Day, look no further than our Aloepure Collection! Whether you’re looking for a face wash, an exfoliator, a moisturizer, or a serum, Aloette’s Aloepure collection has a signature Aloeganic skin care product for your skin.

Time Serum Essential Clean Oil Nutri Hydrating Mist Oil Control Line Control Gentle Foam Clean Nutri Moisture with Plant

We’ll get our round up of Aloe-infused products started with our bestselling Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel! This gentle exfoliator uses Aloe with a combination of other natural botanical ingredients like grapefruit, papaya, cucumber, and pineapple to exfoliate dead skin and reveal a healthier-looking, more hydrated complexion. A soothing green Exfoliating Gel, the Restorative Enzyme Peel is a fan-favorite for its incredible exfoliating power and its time-saving 60-second application! Use this Aloe-infused crowd pleaser once a week for a more radiant, refreshed-looking complexion.


Restorative Enzyme Peel on linen lifestyle ingredients 3000@300dpi

It’s Earth Day, so we’ll remind you again: don’t forget about your hands! Aloette’s Hand and Body Silk combines Aloe with Coconut Oil—another skin-soothing favorite—in a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer with a gentle floral scent. Turn your home into a spa with the sensory pleasure of this silky skin-pamperer!

Formulated with Aloe that helps reduce the appearance of redness and soothe the skin, our Hydra-Cleansing Emulsion Daily Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin gently removes stubborn makeup and surface impurities as part of your morning or evening skincare routine. This multivitamin-infused facewash is infused with powerful hydrators to help keep you from drying out your normal to dry skin while still delivering a deep clean.

Help brighten the look of your complexion this Earth Day with the help of Pure Vitamin C in Nutri-C Moisture Crème Daily Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin, a daily moisturizer that helps to illuminate and energize the look of tired skin. Aloeganic Aloe Vera along with a combination of Green Tea and Vitamins A and E to hydrate skin and help protect skin from environmental stressors.

NutriC Moisture Swatch and Aloe

Finally, to get a boost of Aloe on the go, check out Nutri-Hydrating Mist Daily Replenishing Face and Body Spray! Reviewers have dubbed this intensely hydrating spray a “must-have” and with its seriously replenishing blend of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B5, we completely see why! Keep a skin-quenching Nutri-Hydrating Mist in your purse to help keep your skin moisturized and healthy-looking anytime, anywhere!

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An Aloette Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mothers are our first beauty and skin care gurus. Who gave you your first eye shadow or lipstick? Who helped you kick your feet up after a tough day with a fancy face mask complete with slices of eye cucumber? Who always reminds you to put on sunscreen? Chances are that, even if the person who fills this role is an Aunt, Grandmother, or friend, you want to spoil them a little this Mother’s Day. Here’s a round-up of Aloette skin care and beauty products that will show your mom you love her, and that she taught you well.

From the Platinum Collection

Renewal A Correction Code on cream and slate with floral 3000@300dpi

What mama doesn’t want a touch of Platinum in her skincare routine? Our Platinum Collection products are intensely hydrating, formulated with powerhouse ingredients like Vitamin C, Retinol, and peptides.

If your mom loves to reset overnight, Renewal-A Age-Defying Retinol Night Treatment is a hydrating night serum that instantly plumps the look of skin to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This age-defying serum uses Niacinamide to help restore the skin’s barrier as it helps renew the appearance of skin with Retinol and helps brighten the complexion with Vitamin C.

If your mom is a total sun goddess, invest in Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 for her daytime skin care. This SPF-infused moisturizer is formulated with Matrixyl Synthe’6, a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide, so it works to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it hydrates and locks in moisture.

Want to really tickle your mama pink? Get Renewal-A and Correction Code, plus a bunch of other powerful Platinum products, when you splurge on our Platinum Plus bundle! Platinum Plus is bound to satisfy your mom’s every skin care need and score you some major favorite-child points.

From Aloepure

Beauty Sleep Eye Witness on tray and texture

Moms know a quality ingredient when they see one, so your mom will adore Aloette’s signature Aloeganic aloe vera. Our encapsulated Acemannan aloe vera delivers enhanced results, making Aloeganic 3 to 10 times more effective than conventional aloe vera.

Beauty Sleep Overnight Cooling Treatment will help give mom’s skin the appearance of a full eight hours of sleep with an expertly crafted blend of Farm to Jar ingredients, squalene, and hyaluronic acid to help her wake up to firmer, smoother and softer-looking skin.

Want an eye treatment with cucumber already mixed in? Spring for Eye Witness Intensive Eye Balm to help your mom minimize the appearance of undereye puffiness, dark circles and incoming wrinkles around her eyes. This eye balm is great for mom’s morning or evening skincare routine, and she can still go for those spa-day cucumber slices if she wants some extra luxury!

From Farm to Jar

Beauty Biome Beauty Parfait stacks on marble

Moms sometimes have too much guilt, so make sure you’re gifting your mama guilt-free skin care from Aloette this year! Our Farm to Jar collection showcases Aloette’s commitment to beauty that does good.

Help boost mom’s skin barrier function with Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum, infused with moisture-locking prebiotic and probiotic infused ingredients. Packaged in our chicest pink jar,  Microbiome Complex Serum helps reduce the look of uneven texture for a more youthful-looking glow.

If you’ve got a crunchy Earth-mama on your hands, Beauty Parfait Probiotic Yogurt Treatment uses natural yogurt and papaya extract to help rejuvenate the appearance of skin and leave the complexion intensely hydrated. This collagen-stimulating treatment for all skin types features a blend of probiotics that offers protection from inflammation and environmental stressors.

From Beauty by Aloette

GTL shades out on spring pink and florals 3000@300dpi

No one knows your mom like you do! Instead of a pre-chosen palette that’s the same for everyone, combine your mom’s signature shades of Cheek Color, Ultra Finish Foundation, and Custom Eye Silks into a personalized Aloette Spring Colorbox Palette. Whether your mama is into bright shades or more neutral, earthy tones, a custom palette that’s clean and cruelty-free will make her Mother’s Day one for the books.

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Our Best and Brightest: Vitamin C Products at Aloette

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Brighter days are just around the corner this Spring, and our favorite ingredient that helps promote brighter, healthy-looking skin is Vitamin C! The same powerful antioxidant found in your organic orange or grapefruit juice is packed into Aloette products to help wake up your skin just like that burst of citrus wakes you in the morning. Pull that sundress out of your closet and dust off those sunglasses: we’re taking you on a tour through our grove of brightening, Vitamin C-infused skincare products for Spring.

Why is Vitamin C our Brightening Bestie?

  • The sun shines bright, but its effect on skin can be the opposite—environmental stressors like sunlight and air pollution can dull the look of skin. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant, which means it can help protect against environmental stressors and help skin appear brighter.
  • Ever wonder where citrus fruits get that tangy taste? Vitamin C is highly acidic, which means it’s going to help add a spark to your skin as well as your taste buds. That acidity can trigger skin to produce more collagen, which can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C helps to slow down the skin’s production of melanin, which means it can help skin care concerns, such as dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C-Infused Products at Aloette

Farm to Jar ingredients like orange, grapefruit, and papaya are found in so many of our Aloette products, it’s almost easier to list what *doesn’t* have Vitamin C! Vitamin C works well in combination with peptides and with Vitamin E, two more skin-brightening stars that should be shining in your skincare routine. Here’s a round-up of our brightening skin care favorites to help your skin ring in the Spring!

Restorative Enzyme Peel Exfoliating Gel

RestorativeEnzymePeel Tube 300dpi


Exfoliating doesn’t have to be an endurance challenge. Vitamin C teams up with soothing Aloe Vera in this ultra-gentle gel to help reveal a more healthy-looking, hydrated glow. Our Restorative Enzyme Peel uses Vitamin C-infused ingredients like Papaya, Grapefruit, and Pineapple Extracts to exfoliate and help brighten the appearance of skin in just 60 seconds.

C the Light Vitamin C Serum

C The Light CapOn 0.5floz 300dpi Rendered

Because it helps protect skin from environmental stressors, Vitamin C is a powerhouse choice for your daytime skincare routine. Infused with five citrus-filled fruits, C the Light also has a unique delivery system that helps brighten and improve skin’s tone and clarity.

Florabright Advanced Brightening Serum

FloraBright CapOn 0.5oz 300dpi

Infused with Aloe and Orange Blossom Flower Extract, this Advanced Brightening Serum soothes skin to help jumpstart a better-looking complexion. Aloette customer Jacqueline G. writes that Florabright helped her skin keep a more even tone after pregnancy: “I got pregnancy mask 13 years ago when I had my son. I always found the melasma would come back when in the sun for a day. I have used Florabright every day in the morning along with my skin care and for 2 summers now, the melasma did not come back.” Fun in the sun with brighter, more even-looking skin? We’ll take it!

Correction Code Daily Moisturizer SPF 25

CorrectionCode CapOn 1.7oz 300dpi

Vitamin C and peptides go together like April showers and May flowers, which means that peptide-infused Correction Code is a brightening force to be reckoned with! This Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 locks in hydration and enhances the skin’s natural moisture factor (NMF) for softer, smoothing-looking skin. Plus, with SPF 25, Correction Code can help protect your skin from UV rays while you drink the Spring in this April!

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Farm-to-Jar Skincare for Your Hands

Hand Couture Hand Polish Mothers Day with floral cream 3000@300dpi
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So many skin trends, from #shelfie shots on Instagram to “slugging” routines on TikTok, are focused on the face, and it’s easy to forget your hands while you chase that dewy, hydrated look. But just like our faces, our hands sometimes take a beating from the sun, environmental stressors, and dryness. They also lack the oil glands to replenish and hydrate on their own. We’d never tell you to skip on washing your hands, but repeated hand washing can cause your hands to dry out and can even irritate skin. Whether you’re typing out your latest presentation, weeding your garden, or clinking glasses of champagne with a loved one or a hot date, your hands are constantly working for you and they deserve some attention. Healthy-looking, hydrated hands feel so much better! Here’s how to incorporate your hands into your skincare routine with some good-for-your-skin products from Aloette, featuring our special Farm-to-Jar collection.

  1. Long story short, your hand routine is going to be similar to skin care for your face. That means that exfoliating your hands once or twice a week is a must for sloughing off dry skin. Aloette’s Hand Polish Exfoliating Hand Scrub is incredibly soothing and ideal for all skin types. This luxe, exfoliating scrub is made with sugar to gently buff away dead skin, and a conditioning blend of our signature Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to soften, condition, and smooth dull, dry skin.
  2. Double-Dip Those Serums. If you’re using a serum on your face in the morning, at night, or both, take the excess product and use it on the backs of your hands! A serum with retinol, like our Renewal-A Age-Defying Night Serum, can plump the look of skin and visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The hands are the first place where signs of aging can begin to show, so the intense hydration of Renewal-A Serum is perfect for a hand-care routine. If you’re more focused on brightening the appearance of your skin, our C the Light Vitamin C Serum is infused with orange peel, lemon peel, citrus essential oils, mandarin orange and citric acid.
  3. Hand Cream. Slathering on hand cream at every opportunity is the real key to soft, supple hands. Find one with soothing Aloe Vera, like our bestselling Hand Couture Anti-Aging Hand Crème. Formulated with an anti-wrinkle peptide, fan favorite Hand Couture also includes brightening actives that work to help reduce the look of age spots and discoloration. Plus, is there anything more Old-Hollywood-elegant than taking a leisurely moment to apply hand crème just before leaving the house or turning in for the night? We don’t think so!
  4. Keep the Sun at Bay! Whether it’s your face, your shoulders, or your hands, protecting your skin from the sun is the most important factor in protecting both the look of skin and its health. If you use a product with SPF for your face, you can hit the backs of your hands with some of it before you head out. Aloette’s Correction Code is SPF 25, and because it’s formulated with an anti-wrinkle peptide, this daytime moisturizer can work as a multitasker to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for your face AND your hands. Can you handle it?
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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine with Aloette

Liquid Lip Shine Set Shield Beauty By Aloette Compact A List Lash Full Time Brow on pink slate shadows 3000@300dpi
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When you picture your makeup drawer, is it a clean, well-organized space with fresh, up-to-date mascara, foundation, and lip colors? Or a stressful mess of new and old beauty products covered in a layer of powder of uncertain origin and eyeliner pencil shavings? This Spring at Aloette, we’re looking to help you take your beauty and skincare routine from “Whew” to “Wow!” with clean, good-for-you products for your face, eyes, and lips. Plus, we’ll give you the lowdown about when to throw out those crumbly cosmetics and replace them.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

We know that a well-loved lipstick or eye pencil can feel like a security blanket but trust us: that tube of mascara from 2018 is beyond suspect. Cosmetics come with expiration dates that are usually displayed on the packaging with a tiny open cream jar called the PAO (Period After Opening) symbol. If they’re kept for too long, bacteria can jump from your beloved beauty products to your face in a heartbeat. Here’s how long we recommend you keep cosmetics and skincare products, plus a clean, good-for-your-skin Aloette version to gift yourself once you’ve finally let go of your golden oldies.


If you’ve ever heard the “life-hack” about adding water to your dry mascara for longevity, stop right there! According to the FDA, adding water or (ick) saliva to dry mascara can add bacteria that can lead to irritation. Give your old mascara the boot when it’s dry, or around three months old. Same with liquid eyeliner: three months and it’s more than likely caput. Eye pencils last a little longer, around a year, because they don’t attract as much bacteria as liquid liners and mascara. You can hold on to your eyeshadow for up to two years, but make sure to clean those makeup brushes regularly so they don’t spread bacteria as well.

Aloette Replacement: Top Shelf Volume + Curl Mascara

Take a deep breath and toss that dried out mascara this spring, because Top Shelf Volume + Curl helps give you maximum volume and long-wear curl with just one stroke! The brush on Aloette’s Top Shelf Volume + Curl Mascara is uniquely curved to separate and lift even your tiniest lashes. One customer dubbed it a “pushup bra for your lashes,” and we couldn’t agree more!


Celebrating your one-year anniversary with your lipstick? Time to break up. Lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss can probably be kept for a year or so before they start to dry out. It’s not just about potentially harmful bacteria: cosmetics that are past their expiration dates often just don’t work as well. If you want to keep your favorites shining a little longer, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place.

Aloette Replacement: Liquid Lip Shine

Let our Liquid Lip Shine give your lips a fresh start! Liquid Lip Shine is available in seven lip-loving colors, from a neutral tan to a shimmering rose, and you can find your new go-to by using the “Select Your Shade” feature on Aloette’s website. A high-shine lip gloss enhanced with a plumping peptide and conditioning Vitamin E, Liquid Lip shine can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick for added dimension.

Foundation + Skincare

Here’s a little good news for those of you with a 24-step skincare routine: products for the face, like foundation, blush, and primer, can keep for a little longer. If you’ve had your foundation for two years or less, keep on rocking! But if your primer or moisturizer is older than two, it may contain bacteria or germs that could cause skin irritation or breakouts. Make sure you’re replacing those older makeup brushes, too!

Aloette Replacement: Be Picture Perfect Foundation        

Spend the next two years with Be Picture Perfect, our long-wear 12 hour liquid foundation that helps improve the appearance of skin with each use! No matter your skin type, you can achieve natural-looking coverage because Be Picture Perfect dries down to a demi-matte finish to cover imperfections and conceal uneven texture. Infused with good-for-you skin care ingredients and available in seven shades, this foundation is worthy of a long-term relationship!

Keep the Spring Cleaning Going!

Once you’ve purged all those expired products and have a makeup drawer that sparks joy, build your routine back up with Aloette skincare offerings:

Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum

From the farm to this pretty, pink jar, Beauty Biome Microbiome Complex Serum is infused with natural, hydrating Aloe Vera that locks in moisture to encourage a healthier microbiome. Part of Aloette’s Farm to Jar Collection, this serum can be a part of your morning and evening skincare routine to help reduce the look of uneven texture and balance your complexion.

Set + Shield Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Mist

You’ve just spring cleaned your skincare, so don’t let environmental stressors start to wear on your skin again! Set + Shield Environmental Defense Makeup Setting Mist is a multipurpose formula that helps protect skin from pollution and daily grime for a fresher, healthier-looking complexion with each use. The lightweight mist locks makeup into place, with a just-applied matte finish that keeps your look as fresh as those spring flowers.

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Prepping Your Body Skincare for Spring: Introducing Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil

Radiant Glam on tan and silk side 3000@300dpi
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Here at Aloette, Spring means just one thing: better-looking skin! Whether you dare to bare when those delightful spring temps hit, or if you prefer to keep your silky skin all to yourself, our new Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil will give you the full-body glow you’ve been waiting for all winter long.

Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil is a must-have for your Skinimalist routine, and not just because it gives your skin that can’t-stop-touching-it silkiness. Read on to find out how Aloette’s glamorous skin care newcomer can conjure up that fairy-tale shimmer for your skin!

What is Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil?

This moisturizing body oil uses the skin softening power of Olive Fruit Oil and Squalane to naturally soothe and condition your skin for that dewy soft texture. Luxe and indulgent Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil helps brighten the look of skin, promoting a radiant-looking glow that will have your skin more than ready for those spring soirees right around the corner.

What Gives Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil its Glow?

Like all of our skin-fabulous Aloette products, Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil works because of carefully-selected, clean ingredients that you can feel good about putting on your skin. Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil is formulated with:

Vitamin E: Found in cannola and olive oil, products with Vitamin E can give your skin a moisturizing boost to help you keep that healthy looking glow going.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is found in sunny citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, so it’s no surprise that it can help brighten the appearance of skin. The skin on our arms and legs needs brightening just as much as the skin on our faces, and that’s where Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil comes in!

Olive Fruit Oil: Every day activity, from environmental stressors to skin dryness, can steal your skin’s shine. The olive fruit oil in Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil soothes and conditions skin to create that dewy soft texture—picture the way moisture clings to those spring flowers at dawn, but for your skin.

How to Use Radiant Glam Shimmering Body Oil

Shake well and apply to your skin any time you crave that moisturizing shimmer glow. Reapply as often as you like and keep the shimmer sparkling! Perfect for your skin type, whether you tend to be oily, dry, or in-between.

Even More Radiance for Your Best Spring Skin

Want to keep the hydration coming for your skin all spring? Try these moisturizing favorites to complete your routine:

  1. Leaf Relief | This soothing, farm-to-jar Aloe Vera gel is infused with premium CBD from American grown hemp to relieve dry, itchy skin once and for all. Like Radiant Glow Shimmering Body Oil, Leaf Relief is great for all skin types and works fast to lock in moisture and help give skin relief.
  2. Gold Rush Crème to Oil Hydration Treatment | Want to improve the look of wrinkled or sagging skin? This intensely hydrating Gold Rush Crème is densely packed with an advanced botanical and tripeptide blend that provides moisture for all skin types without leaving you feeling greasy. Massage it into your skin after cleansing and toning, then follow with a moisturizer for that golden glow look.
  3. Luminous Tint Prep and Primer Oil | The micro-pearls in this primer help to color correct, giving you that camera-ready finish. But adding a drop to your favorite makeup foundation doesn’t just even out your look—it also moisturizes and soothes with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. With the added hydration and pore-refining look of Luminous Tint Prep and Primer Oil, you’ll be the one saying, “Let’s take a selfie!”
  4. Liquid Lip Shine | Your lips are parched, and they’ll thank you kindly for the hydration boost of our Aloette Liquid Lip Shine. A plumping peptide combines with Vitamin E for deep moisture and an alluring look, alone or as a gloss over your go-to lip color.
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