Stacy Repp

Hartford AR: Central Arkansas

Why did you start with Aloette?

In 1987, I was a newlywed working as a reservationist in a very prominent hotel. Our company went bankrupt and suddenly I was without a job. A friend had an Aloette show and I was offered the opportunity that night. I needed work and thought I'd try it. All these years later, I'm still here.

Why do you love what you do, and what keeps you with Aloette?

There is nothing like sharing this product with amazing women every day. No job has ever compared. It doesn't feel like work, just lots of fun with new friends I meet each day.

Enzyme Peel
What is your favorite Aloette product and why?

I absolutely love Visible Aid and Nutri-Hydrating Mist. I keep them in my medicine cabinet at all times and in my first aid kit in my camper. This past camping season they were a life saver and saved a trip to the emergency room. My little boy burned his hand near the camp fire on a lantern. We put ice on it and grabbed the Visible Aid and Nutri-Hydrating Mist. We put it on his hand and he immediately stopped crying. We did this for three days, and within a day, the blister had flattened, his hand was healed up and you would never know it ever happened. My six-year-old even says, "My Mom doesn't just sell any makeup, she sells Aloette."