Barbara Jo Vandehey

Boise, Idaho • Franchise: Lyke

Why did you start with Aloette?

I started my business with Aloette because I was looking for a company with integrity, not only in their products, but in the way they treat those they employ. As a consultant with Aloette, I know management not only wants to help us succeed so that they will succeed, but because they love us! In over 10 years of direct sales, I have not been able to make this declaration. This is a product and a company I can believe in!

Why do you love what you do, and what keeps you with Aloette?

As a consultant, I love watching women become more confident and happy as their skin begins to take on that flawless Aloette look. I had a customer call me three weeks after she first began with her Platinum Collection and tearfully say that she had never felt beautiful until now. Aloette makes it possible for me to touch women's lives in a way that allows them to feel good about who they are on the outside, so they can begin to know who they really are on the inside. It is very fulfilling both financially and personally.

Ageless Science
What is your favorite Aloette product and why?

I love Ageless Science! I began using this product about five months after I had begun using the Platinum Collection. The difference in just three months is amazing! This product turns back time. Recently I woke in the middle of the night to find my husband of 38 years staring at me as I slept. I asked what in the world he was doing? He kissed me and said, "I am looking at the same girl I married. You look so young!"