Beginners Guide to Skincare: What Order Should I Apply My Products?

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Trying to find the right products for your skin can be a daunting task but what do you do once you have them? How do you know the right order to apply them in so that they work properly? It is important to take skincare one step at a time (literally.) We’re here to help you figure out where to start, beginning with a simple routine that you can follow in the morning or evening. 


1. Makeup Removing and Cleansing: This is a step you absolutely can’t skip. You can’t apply your other products without a clean surface to allow them to absorb. We recommend double cleansing and removing your makeup with a cleansing oil or a makeup remover. Next, you can follow with your face wash of choice. 

2. Toner: Toners are often overlooked as an unnecessary step in skincare, but they can truly kick your routine up a notch. After your face is cleansed, you should apply your toner. Think of a toner as a primer to help absorb the rest of your skincare steps. They can also additionally help to remove any impurities or excess oils that your cleansing didn’t catch. 

3. Eye Cream: Many people use eye cream as their final step but it can actually be more effective if you apply it before your moisturizers. A good rule to remember is to apply your products from thinnest to thickest texture. When you apply your eye cream or eye serum last, it has a better chance at really absorbing into your skin since a layer of heavy creams can tend to keep lighter substances from making their way through. 

4. Serums and Treatments: Serums are such an important part of your skincare process and once you find the right one for your skin it can really make a difference. Again, following the rule of texture, apply your serums and treatments before you apply your moisturizing cream. 

5. Moisturizers: Finally, the last step is to apply your moisturizer. Whether it be AM or PM, moisturizing is key! Aside from hydrating the skin, moisturizer helps to seal in all of  your products that you have already applied and allows them to be as effective as possible.

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The Perfect Pout: A Lip Routine That Lasts

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We’ve all agreed that we aren’t giving up on our lip products even while we’re wearing masks, right? That being said, now more than ever, we need a lip look that lasts. Not only do we need to make it through average daily wear, but now it has to last through masking and unmasking. Here is what works for us. 


1.) Soothe N’ Smooth Lip Balm and Exfoliator


Everyone knows the importance of lip balm and moisturizing, but people often overlook lip exfoliation. This product is the perfect duo so that you never forget to do both. Before you begin doing your makeup, use the lip exfoliator to buff away dead skin cells. This also helps to ensure that lipstick won’t settle into the cracks of your lips. After exfoliating, smooth on the Lip Balm to lock in moisture and to help protect and soften lips. Well exfoliated and hydrated lips will appear more plump and create the perfect canvas for any lip color. 

2.) Lip Difference Lip Primer


Now that your lips are perfectly prepped, it’s time to start creating your lip look. Like any good makeup look, this one starts with a primer. Lip Difference is a vitamin infused treatment that not only nourishes your lips, but primes them for long-lasting, no-bleed lip color application. Apply to both your top and bottom lip as you would a lip balm.


3.) Waterproof Mechanical Lip Definer Pencils 


If you have never used lip liner before, now is the perfect time to start. Lip liner is an incredibly important step because it helps keep lipstick in place without feathering or bleeding. It’s like an additional level of priming. It is especially useful for those with thinner lips to give you the option to overline them for a fuller look. Our Lip Definer pencils are formulated to be waterproof, smudge-proof, and provide all-day color. Trust us, you don’t want to skip this step. 


4.) Lip Color 

Now that you are perfectly primed,  it’s time to apply your lipstick. Our lipsticks are formulated for long-wear and minimal touch ups throughout the day. Our semi-matte hues keep the lips from looking dry or flat like some matte shades tend to do. They are also enriched with aloe, shea butter, and Vitamin E to keep lips hydrated all day. 


5.) Liquid Lip Shine


For the final touches, we recommend using our Liquid Lip Shine. If you’re looking for a more glossy lip you should apply all over the lip after applying your lipstick. Otherwise, you may just want to add a touch to the center areas of your lips to make them appear fuller. 

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