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At your Aloette Party, one of our independent consultants will share the features and benefits of Aloette products and the Aloette Business Opportunity with potential customers in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is invite friends!


  • When you host a show during Big Party Week (the 1st - 8th of every month), you have the chance to win $250 in Aloette product while contributing to the Aloette Gives Foundation.
  • You’ll get a free makeover and skincare consultation, $100 in Aloette product for $19.95 and you’ll get to party with your friends!
  • You can party in style with our Show Look Book and win a shopping spree when you join in on #aloettepartytime.

Who can hold an Aloette Party?

Everyone! It’s a great way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards. We pride ourselves in creating products and opportunities that do real good—for your skin, your community and the enviroment. Our products are for all ages and all skin types.

How do I invite my friends?

Your Aloette Consultant will help you with help you with every detail of your party. She’ll walk you through the steps to develop your guest list and invite everyone through our sophisticated show planning system. We have a collection of invites, reminders and even videos to get the word out.

Can I party with Aloette in a small apartment or office?

Absolutely! We will party with you wherever you go!

How will I get matched with an Aloette Consultant?

Our Inquiry Form will quickly connect you with a local Aloette Consultant if you are not already connected to one.

If my friends can’t make it, can they shop online?

Of course! Your Aloette Consultant will provide to you a personal shopping link so that all online sales will go towards your party and the Aloette Gives Foundation.

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