Luminous Tint Prep & Primer Oil

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Luminous Tint....Just have to say....Wow! So in LOVE with this! No more dull looking skin! Just beautiful natural radiance, AND it takes my mid-day shine away!!! AWAY!! There's a difference between 'glowing' and 'shiny' !! I mix it with my moisturizer in the mornings, put my makeup on at 6 am, and now @ 7 in the evening NO SHINE!!! None!!! It really does result in a dewy yet shine free finish! You really need to try this if you haven't yet! I make up when I wake up, but with this product, you don't have to be a make up person! Just add to your moisturizer, you'll be amazed! Your skin just feels so so smooth...... It's a luxury oil, but does not feel at all like an oil!


I like the look and feel of Luminous Tint. I have a problem with the packaging and dispensing of the product. The dropper is in the product and when it's opened the tint drips even without squeezing the dropper bulb. It leaves the product to be over dispensed and therefore wasted. I try just to wipe the tint from the dropper, but you need more than 2 hands to hold the bottle, unscrew the cap, steady and lift the dropper and have a hand to put the product in. Very cumbersome for makeup routine.


The Luminous Tint is Absolutely Amazing. I have used by itself akso mixed with my moisturizer which gives your face a Beautiful glow. I have also used as a Primer ut work's fabulous and tgen u mixed it with mt foundation. My face feels so soft, covered and hgas a Beautiful shine. I Lice this Product!!!!


This is such a versatile product. I just love it. Have tried combining with my moisturizer for a super natural yet polished no-make up look. I have also combined with my foundation for a luminous, subtle, “lit from within ” look. Defiant not shimmery which matters! More pearlescent which is perfect.

Aloette by Diane

I LOVE how it makes my skin feel. The dewey look is so in right now as well which makes me feel like I am on par with the real makeup gurus! The only thing Im not a huge fan of is that my skin goes a little oily sometimes and i prefer for my skin to be a bit more Matte for my day-to-day look.


Luminous Tint is the perfect addition to your aloe glow. This is not teeny-bopper sparkly, this is the adult champange-esque glow you've been looking for. Plus, it's multi-use so you can achieve several looks. This little miracle should be in every Beauty's makeup bag.

Mrs. D Cross

I really liked this product at first. However, I have naturally oily skin. After using this for a few days, I noticed I was breaking out. Up until then it made my face so soft, and was easy to apply. I was bummed with my result. I will be giving it another try though.


There are so many products that I love from Aloette but this is a definite must have for me! After I apply Flawless, I take a little of the Luminous Tint and mix it in with a bit of CC Creme. I love how my skin looks so healthy and bright.


I love Aloett'e new Luminous Tint. It's a subltle glow. I've found several ways I can use it. Mixed with my moisturizer, mixed with my liquid foundation, or over my makeup to highlight. It's a beautiful addition to the Aloette line.


Its incredible! I've had so many compliments on my makeup since I started using the luminous tint. I mix a drop in with my moisturizer because I tend to get oily using it on top of moisturizer. Love the results!


I use this every day as my primer under my untra finish. It's amazing how it reduces redness. I even have oily skin and find it doesn't leave my skin feeling even more oily. It almost helps mattify my skin!!


This is a must have product! Alone over day moisturizer with no makeup, mixed with liquid foundation or simply highlighting the cheek bones after applying foundation it is a must have for day & evening.


This Luminous Tint is AWESOME.I have oily ane prone skin so I'm always super scared to try anything new..So glad I tried this lovely primer it goes on great an leaves ur skin looking flawless..


If you ever just want a beautiful glow without using makeup, this is it! This has given me a very nice glow on my face. Very nice under makeup. Favorite part is that it is wonderful all alone!


The Luminous Tint gives you a youthful glow. Ive used it all over my face as a primer and love it. Ive also used it with flawless as the main primer and used the Luminous Tint as a highligher

Youthful glow

I really like the luminous tint as a pre summer base as I don not like to expose my face to the sun. Using the luminous tint made my face match the rest of my tan without the UV exposure,


Number one is its is field to jar, natural aloe based products!! This is super important to me. My skin feels amazing and looks great. It is improving all the time.


I was honestly not a big fan. My skin just didn't like it, it broke me out, and the luminosity didn't show under my makeup. :( Not my favorite product.


I absolutely love this product. I have really dry skin and when i use the tiny under my ultra finish foundation... that itchy dry skin feeling is gone!


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I am addicted! I love our HP Flawless Primer as well, but this new Radiance Luminous Tint primer really ices the cake!


I absolutely love the smooth dewey look I get when I wear the Luminous Tint. So quick and so pretty! I always get a compliment when I wear it!


Luminous Tint is AMAZING! I wear it alone for a nice glow, or under my foundation. It blurs my imperfections and holds my makeup on all day!


I really like how easy it is to use and how it puts a glow on my skin in all the right places. A spot here or there or all over if I want!

Nice glow!

I love the tint, however it's a little light in color and needs more pearlescent. I found it made my foundation very light in color.


I was pleased with the results, however it took me a little while to get use to the glow, i still like the orginal primer the best.


This product adds that little touch that completes your make up look! It gives you that 'glow' that everyone will notice and love!


Honestly I didn't love it. It was drippy/ too wet and my child said it made my face too shiny. I prefer your other makeup primer.


I love the luminous tint! It goes on so easy and makes your skin just glow! AND you don’t even have to wear foundation with it!


I love that it can be used more than one way. One weekends I love just wearing along eith my skincare. Its my kick back fix.


Luminous Tint is outta this world! My skin looks brighter and younger. I recommended this to my cousin and she loves it.


I don't like heavy or greasy products on my face. I love this product. Feels like silk with coverage that you can't see.


I love it! I have gotten so many complements! My skin glows with this product! Looks like it has a built in bronzer!


I have been using it from the beginning. I mix it in with my CC Creme. I love the feel of my skin and healthy glow


AMAZING! My skin looks fabulous with this as a prep and primer. Often, I wear only this out and about town!


I love luminous tint because it gives a subtle glow, makes my skin look fresh and vibrant rather than dull!


I love Luminous tint. It looked so amazing on my skin. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone.


I love how it just brightens up my face! I mixed it into the tinted complexion beauty creme and love it!


This brightens my face so I don't look like I should star in the Walking Dead with no aid of makeup lol

I'm ALIVE with Luminous Tint

Love the Luminous Tint!! I add a drop to my CC Cream and it leaves my skin looking like it's glowing!?


It’s such an amazing product that works as a base and also stands alone. Your skin looks radiant!


I love how it lights up my face!! It gives me extra confidence that some days a girl just needs!!


I love that the luminous tint gives my skin a healthy glow without making it greasy or shimmery!


Provides a nice and even surface for makeup. The shimmer undertone creates a glowing complexion.


I think that the Aloette Luminous Tint is really awesome and I would love to try it out one day!


I absolutely LOVE this product! I don’t know what I did’s definitely a must have!!!


I love the tint it gives my skin! It's not too shiny but it gives it a luminous glowing tint!

Total Luminous

Rapidly became one of my fav products that I must wear daily for that extra special 'glow'!


Luminious tint is beautiful! I love the shimmer! It is light and makes my skin feel great.


I love it, makes me skin look younger and glowing. It also really helps make up stay on.


It is just great! I love how it works. Super hydrating. This is an incredible product


This is absolutely gorgeous! I love using it under my eyebrow and on my check bones.


Luminous Tint is a youthful glow in one step! I wear it to prime and glow everyday!


I love the glow and freshness it gives my makeup when I use it! A touch of magic!

A touch of magic

New distributor and this was one of the first items I have tried and I love it.


I loved blending it with my BB cream. It gave me such a beautiful, subtle glow.


I love how refreshed and glowing Luminous Tint leaves my face after every use.


Love how little you need to use and that it is not greasy feeling or looking.


I love love love this product! Its smooth and it makes my skin soft and dewy.


I love the tint and gives my skin a soft healthy glow & use it every morning


Wonderful product, as with all Aloette products, can’t live without them!


It feels like silk, gives my face a smooth glow. and it's not too heavy.


I enjoy using this product when I need a little glow on a night out :-)


I love the way it feels but I am not sure I want that tint on my skin -


I absolutely LOVE this this product! It gives my skin the perfect glow!


I love it. I put it on my décolletage and face, makes me feel great :)


It is absolutely fabulous and makes me skin feel and look so amazing.


I just love using Luminous Tint and the way it feel when wearing it.


I like how it gives you a shimmering glow, almost like a highlight


What a wonderful aloe glow from this product. Super hydrating too!


I love the luminous tint is amazing on me and makes my skin glow!


I really like the luminous feel and gold highlights on my cheeks


I like the shine but I do wish it was as silky as the hp primer


I love it! It gives me a healthy glow. And hydrates my skin.


Love the many different ways you can use this product

Neat Product

This product is wonder! It blurs, smooths and iluminates!


I, Think luminous tint is one of the Best in the Market.

Great Product

I love how Luminous Tint makes my face look airbrushed


Love the many different ways you can use this product

Neat Product

Love how you can mix this product with your moisturizer, foundation or wear it alone!


I absolutely love this new product , I have oily skin and this is the perfect primer for me that can be worn alone or with foundation.

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