Hand Couture Anti-Aging Crème

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This handcream is the best it’s so soft and a must have for younger looking hands! I could tell a difference in just a little while of using! If I don’t use then my hands are really rough and I won’t forget to use again!! It’s the last thing I put on every night !!


Love the texture and consistency, I'm a hand cream addict, so it has to be great! And the scent is just enough so I can use it at work too! This is very quick to absorb right into your skin, light, not greasy and instantly soothes without feeling like a glove or it's sitting on top of your skin!


I keep this hand creme in my vehicle all year long. It definitely does make your hands look younger. When our face looks younger because of the skincare it is really nice to have our hands match to our face. I am a hairstylist and am in water all day so I love this creme!!!


This lotion is amazing, it hydrates, and repairs your hands. Also found out from a customer that it gets rid of warts. Also if you do woodworking it keeps your hands hydrated, and also if you work with fabrics, it keeps your hands from drying out.


I gave this 4 stars as I am just finishing the first bottle, and I am looking for the long-term effects of the product. So far, I really enjoy using it. I like the instant hydration, and love the silky feel my skin has after I apply it!


This hand cream is amazing! My hands get very dry and cracked during the winter and they are soo soft now since using the Hand Couture regularly! And the smell is amazing, it’s not over powering or ‘perfume’ smelling at all!


This Hand Couture is a great way to give you skin moisture but also something that makes it feel soft and smooth. I like that it absorbs right into the skin quickly and doesn't have greasy feeling but a soft smooth feeling


Its wonderful for getting rid of those little lines all over your hands and making them look more youthful! I find that the hand and body silk does a better job of moisturizing but its still a wonderful product :)


I always have this in my purse - perfect size! Every single woman I have given this to (and there are quite a few!) has also loved it. Absorbs quickly, no greasy feel and really hydrates noticeably! Love it!


This product is non greasy yet very moisturizing. After two weeks of two, three times a day , I can see some age/ sun spots fading. Love this product very much. Everyone must try it.


I'm a fanatic about hand cremes and find myself applying it to my hands 10 times a day but with Hand Couture, my hands were soft, supple and hydrated all day long!


its always important to use hand creams since you age the most on your hands. so this product is great since its anti aging as well and its gonna hydrate ur skin!


Hand Couture has been wonderful for my hands! This creme is thick and moisturizing and quickly changes the appearance of my hands, especially my knuckles!


This is a great anti age creme. I love the formula and how well it applies. It has definitely helped improve my skin visibly in a short amount of time!


I love this! I wasnt sure at first, but with continued use i notice how much better my hands look. Truly does what it says. Very hydrating too!


This product leaves you hands feeling silky smooth. You have find yourself loving this product. Stock up today or give as a gift to someone.


I Absolutely Love how it feels. It's not heavy or greasy. Leaves a soft Alie glow and beautiful complexion on hands. Would recommend to all.


Hand couture makes my hands feel soft! I like the fact that it is anti aging hand creme. Your hands do tell your age! it fit in your purse.


love the scent and that it actually soaks in. plus you don't have to keep reapplying - the hydration lasts & lasts!

Mrs. C

I noticed a big difference in the texture of my hands especially using the gold rush first and hand conjure on top


I have been using hand couture since it came out and I always get compliments on how great my hands look


I think Hand Couture is an amazing product. It is great for my hands and they have never felt better!


I just love this. It has helped my dry hands in a very short time and is NEVER greasy. I love this.


After using Hand Couture for two months people complimented me on my hands. I use it every morning.


I love how it makes my hands feel as well as visibly making them appear less aged. Win for Me!!!


Hand couture changes my dry had to soft and feels so great after applying it. Thank you Aloette


Absolutely love it! The smell, the feel, my hands are so hydrated the second it goes on!


This cream is very good to protect the skin on hand when you work a lot with your hand.


My hands and feet have never been so soft, has a light scent slightly oily. Not to bad

Mrs. B

I love the scent, the fact that it is not greasy feeling, and it protects your skin.


Helps my very dry hands. Makes them soft and smooth and helps with the age spots


Love the incredible smooth feeling you instantly feel with our Hand Couture.


I love hand couture. My hands feel soft and hydrated without feeling greasy.


I love it bc I can see a difference in my hands since I started using it..


Hand Couture simply makes my hands and arms feel and look more youthful !


feel smooth on my hand, not greecy. Back of my hand appears wrincle free


Hand Couture help diminish fine lines and wrinkles on my hands.


This creme goes on silky smooth and is an amazong moisturizer.


It is so amazing. It works great feels great. I just love it


Love the way it make my skin feel so hydrated and smooth


It leaves your hands feeling soft, smooth, and rehydrated.



It feels great, smells great and prevents aging! Love it!


Best product to have 'on hand'!! (*pun intended* :P)

The Yogi Buzz

Leaves your hands feeling soft and smelling great!!

Sandra D

This lotion is great. The citrus smell is so nice.

Jenny S

Love this product! It made a big difference for me.


Use this every night before I go to bed keeps your hands silky soft and supple ! Your hands age fast cause they’re always in water with this product it helps take away the damage done that day ! A must have !

Heather Gambrell

This handcream is the best it’s so soft and a must have for younger looking hands! I could tell a difference in just a little while of using ! If I don’t use then my hands are really rough and I won’t forget to use again !! A must have for younger, softer looking hands ! It’s the last thing I put on every night !! ??

Heather Gambrell

Don't leave home without it! This isn't a hand cream it is a hand treatment. I love the smell and my hands are amazing.

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