Visible Aid Skin Restoring Cream

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This product has saved my life. Every week once or twice, I use the mask with the parfait and nutri mist (a beautiful combo) for10-15 minutes. And when I get a break out I use it more, next day I can’t tell.

Mrs. B

This product is a must have for mothers, diabetics, older people everybody ! It heals sores, burns, any ouchie, soothing everyone needs one in kitchen, bathroom, cars, ! Being diabetic takes us longer to heal when I put this on a sore it heals in like three days as opposed to a month without !!

Heather Gambrell

A must have for every mother, diabetic, older person pretty much everyone ! Needs to be in your kitchen, bathroom, car it is the best healing cream ever ! Being a diabetic it takes us longer to heal when use this product I heal in like two days faster and best of all it’s not greasy, or doesn’t sting !!

Heather Gambrell

I used this product while going thru my radiation treatments for breast cancer. My skin did not blister or peel. Awesome product!!


earlene cavett
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