Time Repair Anti-Wrinkle Serum

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This made my skin soo soft and supple! I have very dry skin, so this was a game changer. When I first tested it on my hand, it didn't feel like anything special, just plain cream, so I thought I wasted money. But I'm glad I gave it a chance and actually tried it on my face. When I woke up the next morning, my entire skin texture had softened and smoothed! It's been a few weeks now and my complexion looks smoother and brighter. My skin has a glow, without makeup, whereas it used to be pretty dull. I had one stubborn fine line on my forehead and it seems to be diminishing. I'm only 28 but I will be using this forever.


I love this serum. I've used 2 bottles and I am definitely buying it again. Makes my skin feel so good and I those fine lines gone. I recommend it a lot!.



love this stuff


This amazing serum definitely turns back time!! My skin looks younger, firmer, and brighter!!

Heather B

I am loving this product! I have used it for two weeks now and I am in my 50's. My skin just soaks it up and it makes my skin extra soft. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for good skin care.

Loving Aloette

I got the Time Repair Serum in my Boxy Charm in August 2016. I started using it by adding it to my regular skin care regimen and my skin has never looked better. It looks more youthful,natural glow, even tone, reduced my smile lines, and reduced my wrinkles on my forehead. I'm totally amazed by this product. I'm definitely going to order more and I totally recommend this to everyone.

Jesse Fernandez

Received this in boxycharm box. The results were immediate. Hooked!


Got this in my Boxycharm box...immediately hooked.

Love Love Love

I also got this from boxycharm. I love it. My laugh lines are almost gone... this thing is wonderful, and it feels so smooth I recommend it.


Received this in my Boxycharm and love it! After 2 weeks of daily use twice a day, I noticed less wrinkles on my forehead and eye area. Doesn't feel sticky or sit on top of the face, sinks right in and smells wonderful. Will definitely reorder and try other products from this line!


The title sums up my thoughts on this serum. I also received this in my Boxycharm from the month of August. I'm normal to oily skin and for MONTHS I've been looking for a skincare product to help me get rid of my dull and uneven complexion. I also suffer from acne scars and pock marks from teenage years. I swear to the skincare gods that this amazing product changed my skin in DAYS. I didn't change a single thing in my regimen except add this and I am blown away. My face is completely rid of texture!! It's more even toned AND I've noticed a dramatic difference with my acne scars/pock marks; the hyper pigmentation is drastically lighter AND my face looks plump and smooth!! This is a FANTASTIC purchase, you won't be disappointed!! :)


I hardly ever leave reviews, but I felt like people needed to know how great this product is. I have only been using it a week, and I can already tell such a difference in my skin. The dullness has gone, and there's an overall even tone happening. My wrinkles on my forehead are even less noticeable. Buy this product!


Wow! I got this in my Boxycharm subscription and I absolutely LOVE this. After only a couple days my skin looked more even and brighter. The consistency and smell are great. It doesn't feel sticky or oily on my oily skin, this just soaks right into your skin. Wonderful product.


I got this in my boxy charm this month and I love it. This product makes my skin feel so healthy.


earlene cavett
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