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Restorative Enzyme peel is amazing! I love including it in my weekly at-home facial regimen. It smells amazing and is super gentle for an exfoliating treatment.


Love Love Love this product! This is a must have in every household. I've tryed alot of different exfoliators and have tryed expensive microdermabrasion treatments.....Not no more! I have the same if not better results with the little green jar right at home. I noticed a complete difference of how my makeup went on and looked. I love the brighter and fresher look after using this product for less then a month. Thanks for creating a one of a kind, organic peel!


I have extra sensitive/dry skin and have been using Aloette's Enzyme peel for years. Most forms of exfoliation are too harsh for me but the peel works wonders and is incredibly satisfying to use. You allow the product to get tacky on the skin and then start massaging it off and all the dead skin starts to ball up and can me wiped away with a warm cloth. Please don't ever change this product


It's incredible to experience immediate results, immediate! Amazed after just one minute you can see and feel your brand new skin! I've never had a 'chemical peel', but I imagine this is the result but without the chemicals and without any redness or burning or downtime! You just reveal your own brand new brighter healthier looking skin! Every time! The ultimate exfoliator!


Restorative Enzyme Peel is one of my favourite products! You think you have some pretty good, clean skin until you do an exfolliantion. It is amazing how much dead skin comes off. I also love the enzyme peel because it is very gentle for all skin types. It does not make my roseasa flare up. Everyone should have this in their bathrooms!


This product is great at removing dead skin and leaving your skin looking fresh and revived. I try to use it more often but usually break it out when I am frustrated with how dull my skin looks. It always looks so awesome after, it leaves me wondering why I don't make it a point to use it more regularly. #busymomlife #makemomapriority


The Restorative Enzyme Peel has changed my complexion completely. Using the Enzyme Peel is so Amazing to watch wgen all tge dead skun starts rolling iff your face WOW Awesome. Then my skin is so soft and hgas that gorgeous ALOE GLOW. Absolutely Stunning i will nit go without ny Restorative Enzyme Peel! !!


I love how the peel makes my face feel. I would give it a 5, but I am very sensitive to dyes. I wish you would leave the dyes out. It's frustrating to see ORGANIC farm to jar and then add dyes. :( Just a suggestion... go certified organic... THAT I will use... And sell!!!


I rely on this green goo for super gentle exfoliation on my face but also on my very ezcema-prone hands. To find something which combines gentleness and effectiveness is so great. No reaction, no burning, no itching, just calming and soft, clean skin.

What a saviour for sensitive skin!

This Enzyme Peel is hands down the absolute best for smoothing my skin and getting rid of dry, dead skin you didn't even know you had! My skin looked so smooth and clear and felt firmer after using this! I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!


Love, love, love this product! This is usually my go to product to share with new/potential customers and it is a great seller! I get dry spots and this really helps to exfoliate them away without harsh chemicals or irritants. So fun too!


I love this enzyme peel! It gives me that refreshed look that I need. I'm always amazed at the difference it makes in the appearance of my skin. An added bonus is how soft my face is after using it! One of my all time favorite products.


This is one product I would never be with out!!! I have never tried anything that is this gentle and yet exfoliates so well! It's like you've just spent the day at the spa getting a facial after using the Restorative Enzyme Peel!?


How do you only give the Enzyme Peel a 5!?!?! Everyone & every part of their skin would benefit from the Restorative Enzyme Peel! No pain, no side effects, skin glows afterwards! The best thing you'll ever take off is dead skin!


When I was first I introduced to Aloette the one product that sold me was the restorative enzyme peel I absolutely love it makes my skin feel clean and refreshed and it soothes my skin not irritating lime most facial peels


The Restorative Enzyme Peel is what got me hooked on Aloette products 4 years ago. I haven't used any other exfoliate since. It is my number one seller to my clients and usually how all my new clients get hooked as well!


EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!! I am currently breastfeeding my new little one and my skin has been very flaky/dry because of that. This allows me to get all the excess dry skin off and keep my skin looking fresh/radiant! :)


Restorative Enzyme Peel very visably sloughs off dead skin cells. You can see and feel immediate results. Everyone's amazed when they see it happening right before their eyes! Makes your skin feel soooo smooth.

Amazing results!

GLORIOUS! It leaves the skin soft, smooth and hydrated. It's like magic and absolutely perfect for my sensitive skin. Plus, the whole family can use it - hands, face, feet - you name it, we've peeled it!

Mrs. D. Cross

This peel is amazing! You can literally see and feel it working! I get dry skin patches on my face during winter and this product has help them go away and stay away! Would recommend it to everyone!


I work in a kitchen and the constant washing of my hands and use of chemicals to clean wear on my skin. I like the peel to take the dead skin off and it leaves my hands feeling refreshed and new!


I love the enzyme peel! It smells great, contains no chemicals, and gets all that dead skin off your face! I have Ichthyosis Vulgarus, so I use it on my legs & heels too & it works wonders!


This peel is absolutely AWESOME..This was my first peel ever an will be my one an only..It made my face feel an look lovely.My face finally looks an feels healthy like I been wanting..


The enzyme peel is my go to for a variety of issues I have with my skin I also use it on my tattoos to remove that layer of dead and dingy skin that makes the colours dull, I look it!


Leaves my skin refreshed and feeling baby soft. I live it for feet. It does a number on my husbands Army feet and gets down to the healthy skin that we can norish wirh lotions.


One of my favorite products !! It is a little green miricle, i love to use it on the bottom of my feet and my legs it keeps you from having to get expensive pedicures!!!


There is nothing like this out there! It sloffs away dead skin cells so gently that even people with sensitive skin (like myself) will have no issue using this product!


This is one of my favorite products! I use it once or twice a week depending on my skin at the time. Be sure to have a clean, dry face & dry finger tips when applying.


It's amazing how clean my face feels after using the Restorative Enzyme Peel and I'm not lying when I said I've done my whole body with this stuff! It's Amazing!!


The restorative enzyme peel is gentle, removes SO much gunk and gets rid of all the dead skin leaving your face feeling revived and refreshed! LOVE this product!


Cool'est exfoliator and natrual enzyme peel on the market! (*pun intended* :P) Everyone needs to experience the Enzyme Peel and be amazed by the instant results!

The Yogi Buzz

This product is truly quite amazing. It works so perfectly yet doesnt have added products to scrape the skin! Love the clean, fresh look of my skin afterwards!


I have never done a facial peel and this stuff is wonderful! My skin is so soft and smooth after just one application, Im in love and cant wait to try more!


Every Sunday night I will have a glass of wine along with giving myself an Enzyme Peel facial. That just makes my end ore the beinging week just the best.


I love the Restorative Enzyme Peel! It makes my face feel smooth ans preps it for cleansing and moisturizing. My skin has never been so soft or clear.


I. Really love it can’t find a store here in Ottawa ont Canada that sale your products and shopping Chanel in Toronto don’t have your products anymore


love this product! an amazing exfoliater that is gentle and leaves skin feeling like you went for a very expensive facial. keeps skin glowing!

enzyme envey

The green goop is AMAZING, from very very young to really really will help your skin. Green goop to the rescue on dry damaged skin

A MUST for ALL skin types

I didnt find it to work on my face, at all, however if you have mild dry skin on your hands it works to rid it. Not overly thrilled with it.


I use it once a week. It is very gentle. Takes all the dead skin off. Smells nice. Last a long time. My skin feels soo soft after I use it..


peels are so necessary for ur skin to get rid of dead skin. this is one of the best peels plus its an enzyme peel even better for ur skin


This is my fav facial treatment. I love how i get to see the dead skin literally fall off my face in seconds. This is a miracle product!


This by far is one of my go to exfoliators. Within a minute your face feels as soft as babies skin! It helps reduce my breakouts too!

The 60 second Miracle

I love the peel because it get rid of the dead skin so my skin care products work more effectively. I faithfully use it once a week.


I love this product. I just tried a different product and it does not begin to compare. I'm coming back to Aloette's enzyme peel.


The Restorative Enzyme Peel is one of my favorite Aloette products. I love how clean and refreshing my face feels after each use.

Restorative Enzyme Peel is the BEST

This is one of the most important items in my collection. I use it for dead skin no only on my face but my arms and back as well.


I love how this exfoliates in seconds. The result is younger looking, brighter skin. A huge favoriite in my skin care routine!


I love the Restorative Enzyme Peel after a long week of wearing makeup it’s a nice way to end my week freshen during me time.


It's amazing for your skin. I have problems finding product that really work since I have very sensitive skin. This is great!


Truly a 60 second miracle treatment that gives you the smoothest and brightest skin out there! It makes you skin care work!!!


I loved using the peel!! Was such a smooth, gentle way to exfoliate, and I just loved seeing the dead skin just slough away.


Absolutely great. I use it 3 times a week, leaves my skin so soft and refteshed feeling. Also helps with my stubbotn acne!


It's truly amazing! The dead skin cell just come right off! I've never had another beauty product like this before??????


Love how fresh and fruity this smells, but i especially love how gently it exfoliates. My skin is soft after every use!


The Enzyme Peel restores your youthful glow. Remove that dead dry dirty skin to reveal a refreshing look. Smells Great.


Love .Love the Aloette restorative enzyme peel. The dead skincells started to come off right away. This is a must have.


Restorative Enzyme Peel is a great way to help exfoliate your skin and give it more fresh and smooth look and feeling


When ever my skin starts to feel rough or heavy I go straight to my enzyme peel for a quick refresh. Love it!!


This product will lead you to a tropical oasis just by smelling the jar, truly scrumptious and invigorating!


It was amazing how nice my skin looked after using the enzyme peel! I used it on my hands, and my husband's.

B Mercer

I love this product it's one of my favorite exfoliator. It removes impurities and leave the skin so soft.

Great exfoliator

BEST product ever! - Love the way my face feels after I use it and I love that it isn't harsh on my skin.


This is my number one selling item and I just love it. I have even got my husband to use it on his feet.


I could tell a difference after my 1st use! Can't wait to make a part of my weekly skincare routine.


I love this product. Rolls away all of the dirt and grim and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft.


I love how my skin feels after using this product! This is a must have in everyones beauty routine!


This is an awesome product to get rid of the dead skin cells all over your body! Highly recommend!


i love the way my face feels after using this product. I also love the smell, so clean and fresh!

Mary Beth

It really exfoliates my skin without using any harsh chemicals and sluffs off unwanted dead skin.


Rostorative Enzyme peel is amazing! Made my skin look great, smells great i highly recommend it!


This is my favorite product ever. It leaves month skin feeling so soft and looking so refreshed!


Love the Enzyme Peel, its gentle enough to use every day and leaves my skin feeling sooo soft!!


I love the enzyme peel it is gentle enough to use weekly and is I even use it on my 7 year old.

Amie R

The peel is so gentle, yet works so well! Removes tons of dead skin and makes my face brighter


Its amazing that it can remove all that dead skin so easily and still be gentle on your skin!


it works great to remove dead skin cells from my face and brighten my skin colour and texture


i love this product in just one use you can see results my skin looks brighter and smoother


I use it weekly. By far my favorite product and it works great even on very sensitive skin.


I love how gentle and how fast this peel works... brighter, smoother skin in just a minute!

Anne Marie

This product is amazing! You skin is so smooth after one use! Visible results immediately!


This really takes those layers of dead skins cells off and makes your skin feel so lively.


This makes a huge difference in my skin. My products work so much better after i use this.


This enzyme peel is awesome! After completing the peel my skin feels so clean and soft!


This is one of my absolute must haves. I mean talk about seeing instant results, wow!!!


It's a 60 second miracle in the jar. My skin is smoother and glowing after one use!!!!


I love how this product exfoliates. And it is all natural no chemicals in it at all.


This is an amazing peel - it works quickly and effectively. Love how my skin feels!


Love this product!! It has helped remove a few scars from grease burns on my face!


I love this product because it smells great and leaves my skin feeling refreshed!


This enzyme peel is amazing! It makes your skin lighter and brighter and so soft.


Love this! Can Ben used on any body part and safe to use multiple times a week!


I Enjoy this product it’s quick & easy to use it showing you immediate results


This is my instant miracle! I absolutely love it and the results it gives me.


This peel is the best way to sluff off dead skin without a chemical feeling.


I love that Enzyme Peel sloughs off dead skin to reveal smooth glowing skin


I use this peel every Sunday and LOVE it. My skin feels amazing afterward.


It left my face feeling so soft, even my husband used it and loved it.

Purple Tiger

Amazing stuff. Takes all rhe dead skin right off. Also great for exema

Miss mom of 3

Love it! I’ve been using this since my teen years and I’m 32 now.


My entire family loves this product! Especially this time of year


When I use the Peel it leaves my skin feeling fresh and renewed!


Instant miracle! Great for blackheads, skin is so rejuvinated!


Amazing results each and every time! So good at renewing skin.


Best peel I ever use, leaves my face smooth with no redness


I love how soft my skin feels after using the enzyme peel!


Enzyme peel is a very great product really enjoy this one.

buddy 72

Amazing you can feel the dead skin peeling off your face.


I like the enzyme peel and it is not harsh on your skin!


Best way to refresh your skin is with this amazing peel!


Love the way it make my skin feel so hydrated and smooth


The enzyme peel makes my skin feel so alive & fresh!!


I love it so much, my face is so clean when I use it


I love this product. Gets rids of all the dead skin


My skin feels so amazing after using this product!


Love this peel - so very unique and amazing results!


Used this product once and skin feels amazing. Soft and hydrated. Will continue to use once a week as recommended. Love this new product



Even my sons love this product (it's great for dry skin caused by acne creams). Dead skin just rolls right off leaving you with super smooth skin. Can't live without it!

Hands down best beauty product
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