Nutri-Moisture Lotion

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There is no way I can put into words how much I love this lotion! I've been fighting terrible post-menopausal acne for years. I've tried every acne treatment on the market and even ones suggested by women in the same boat who swear they have the remedy, like vitamin E oil and witch hazel. The witch hazel did pretty well but you had to be careful you didn't use it too much. I noticed that Aloe was one of the main ingredient though which reminded me of Aloette. I used to use Aloette in my mid 20's and was amazed at the change in my skin. I even got compliments from people out in public. I of course stopped using it when life got busy and kids came along. I ordered the oil makeup remover, the hydra cleansing emulsion, a toner, the nutri-moisure lotion and eye gel 5 months ago and I have been acne free every since! I had to stop using the toner though. What I was doing was cleansing my skin too much! It turns out what I needed was healthy skin, not clean skin. In fact now when I see a pimple pop up, I use the cleanser and lotion and the next day it's gone. Some days I just use this lotion and eye gel. I finally have healthy skin again!


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