Nutri-Hydrating Mist

Customer Reviews

I absolutely love this product. It is super easy and quick to apply, non-greasy and yet very hydrating. I have let my 50 year old sister use it and my 25 year old daughter too. And they are both hooked now. Great product for all ages! Us older ladies add it to our face, throat and chest for extra hydration before applying face product. My daughter uses it for a quick spray on her legs for dry skin. (I do this Love it!


Fell in love with this all over body mist! My feet are smooth and soft-chest area is smooth and wrinkle free! I'll keep wearing tank tops for a long time. Love the smooth look of my skin.


I'd give Aloette Nutri-Hydrating Mist 10 stars if I could! So would my daughter, as both of us cannot go without this every-single-day, rain or shine. After I was my face and pat dry, I spray a shot or two into my hand and pat my face, forehead, and neck. LOVE the glow and the smoothness of my skin. I also use if I get heat rash bumps on my arms after mowing the lawn in the summer, and on my legs.....ahhhhh! So refreshing and healing. Great under my Nutri C moisture cream. My daughter swears by this on her face first, before putting foundation on: the foundation goes on smooth. Can't go wrong with Nutri-Hydrating Mist, Winter ~ Spring ~ Summer & Fall

Dana Hoyer

This is one of my kids favorite when they have an itch or insect bite they want this aloevera mist spray...

Maria Blanco

Anytime I get any kind of burn, i apply this & it's gone in 2 days. Better than anything in the store.

Brandy Pinkerton

I love the nutria-hydrating mist...I know it can be used for many things, but I use it daily when I brush mine and my daughters hair. It takes away the frizzies and helps to detangle our long hair, plus it smells great!



Doeant get any better than this to top it all off

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