Patti Buras

New Orleans, LA: Texiana

Why did you start with Aloette?

When I started with Aloette I was a stay at home mom and looking for extra money and adult conversation.

Why do you love what you do, and what keeps you with Aloette?

Aloette keeps me connected with the world. I have met people from all walks of life—customers and consultants worldwide as well. Being around all ages of women, from 16-year-olds to the elderly, keeps me connected and grounded. I love giving joy to customers who are so excited to win the hostess benefits and enjoying the results of the products. The unlimited earnings and fabulous Aloette trips are also reasons to continue on my journey.

Enzyme Peel
What is your favorite Aloette product and why?

I love the Ageless Science. The miraculous, healthy, youthful glow it gives to any age is a hands-down wonder. I have not met a woman young or old who does not see immediate results from this product.