Lynn Albright

Travelers Rest, South Carolina
Franchise: Upstate South Carolina

Why did you start with Aloette?

I had stayed home with my first child for three and a half yrs and had been living on one income. It just wasn't enough for us to pay our bills and have anything left over, so I needed a job; but one where I could determine when I worked, how often I worked and would not have to put my daughter in day care. I went to my mom's show and my husband said this would be perfect for me—no inventory, total flexibility, great income potential.

Why do you love what you do, and what keeps you with Aloette?

I love Aloette because it has always let me put my family first, not my job. I raised two children and attended the dance recitals, sports events, field trips, banquets, volunteered at school, stayed home with them when they were sick, went on mission trips, was very active in my church, had dates with my husband and never had to ask off because I was my own boss. Plus, the perks were incredible—prizes, recognition, family trips like the trip we just took to Europe—it was the trip of a lifetime and it was free.

What is your favorite Aloette product and why?

My absolute favorite products are the Platinum Skin Care System and the Enzyme Peel. Not only do I see how well it has worked for my skin but I meet women with severe skin disorders and sun damage, and it literally transforms their skin. People look for products that work and Aloette does just that!